Ridge tile repair manchester

Ridge Tile Repair Manchester


Have you been noticing cracks around the tiles laid at the intersections with chimneys, or around the edges of your ridge tiled roof?

Traditionally ridge tiles are made of clay or slate, and this is an excellent way to identify the type of roof if you are unaware. They are often overlapping, which also works to be shielded from the rain. The reason for the formation of the cracks themselves lies in the uneven linear deformation of different parts of the roof, that is, in their uneven compression and expansion with changing climatic conditions – a typical phenomenon for a tiled roof. Any problems with the roof must be immediately attended to. Our company offers a full service for ridge tile repairs Manchester. If left, your roof may deteriorate further, and it could incur a leak. With our team on hand, you can ensure that it will be given special attention and any issues will be flagged up and dealt with promptly. Any types of leaks or damages may potentially cause problems to the value of the property.


Our friendly team is available to talk you through the issues that you may have with your ridge tile roof. Defining the problem may at first seem complicated, but you should be well aware of any gaps and loose mortar between the tiles, or any damages that could have occurred from wear and tear or even animals. It is never a wise idea to leave these damages to progress further. Although they are relatively common, further decaying could result in the tiles falling altogether, which could lead to injury. As safety is one of our top priorities, we do always want to ensure that your roof is both secure and aesthetically pleasing.