Frequently asked question about Roofing Repairs Manchester.

How long have we been roofing?

About 25 years but there is over 100 years experience throughout the company.

Do you guarantee your workmanship.

We absolutely stand by the quality of our tradesmen  and always maintain a quality finish that we are proud to add a warranty to. We also only source the highest grade materials.

Do you do free estimates?

Of course. All our estimates are to assess and offer advice to the customer. Our experienced surveyor will look at your job and provide photographic evidence to your phone of your problem. We can then work out an estimate and leave the customer to his own decision. On emergency repairs we can either temporarily repair immediately or if the problem is less serious compete the works the same day.

What does the operative look for when on the roof?

When assessing a leak or damage to a roof we think it is good practice to survey the whole roof while we are there. We check the valleys, gutters, lead work and chimneys and give our findings to the customer. Of course we only fix what is required.

I have a leek. Does this mean I need a new roof.

A vast majority the answer is usually no. Roof leaks are usually where the join to the wall or chimney have become separated. A loose or dislodged ridge tile or a slipped tile. These are usually problems that can be fixed quickly and easily. Whilst checking the roof we will let you know of the condition of the roof in general.

How long will the work take?

This depends on the size of the job. Rest assured though that once we start the job we will be there till completion.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes. We have no qualms in putting our name to our work and offer a 10 years guarantee on most jobs carried out.

Do you have references?

Yes. Most of our work is from word of mouth and we have 100’s of happy customers that will vouch for our previous work.