We cover all types of flat roofs. If you need a repair on your flat roof or a brand-new flat roof fitting in and around Manchester and surrounding area we are the people to trust.  We have years of experience in the installation o-f flat roofs.  Whether it be EPDM  rubber, felt, asphalt or fiberglass we have the know how and equipment to help. We are the premier fitters of flat roofs Manchester.

Flat Roof Repairs Manchester

Fixing a flat roof is a similar process as fixing a puncture on a bicycle. A quick DIY fix is sometimes sufficient but most times a professional repair is requires for peace of mind and a dry home or business.

Signs of damp can show through the ceiling in patches a while before the roof starts to actually drip through. If you spot any signs of damp a closer inspection by a professional may be required.

Please do not hesitate to call us for a free quote with photographic evidence of the area that we need to fix.

Locating the repair is often times not an easy task as  water can get under the sealed outer surface and leak through to another spot. A trained eye is almost always better unless the tear is obvious.

After locating the spot that needs repairing we need to make a repair or decide if a new flat roof is required. Depending on what type of flat roof you have will decide which type of repair you will need. These can include bitumen paint, fiberglass patches or self adhesive rubber.

Flat Roofing Manchester

If a new flat roof is needed then our teams are ready to install your brand new flat roof. We have experienced team ready to repair or overhaul your roof. We only use the best materials starting with marine ply wood or WBF (water boiling proof ply) for any types of flat roofing problems please call us on 0161 696 1466.